You are two days of training away from being
The unbeatable BUSINESS NINJA!

Oct 10-11, 2019 • VIENNA • SIGN UP


With the amazing success previous editions, I am happy to annouce the next Business Ninja Workshop in Vienna. Showtime! Todays Business needs real Business Ninjas. Wherever you look: things are going crazy! Time to kick-ass! Are you ready for two days of hard training and exercise? Are you ready to become the Go-To for your friends and business partners - because YOU are the BUSINESS NINJA? Yes? Then you are ready for this: 

Two Days, 20 Exercises. Get your BUSINESS NINJA Certificate. Sign up. 


Thursday Oct 10. 09:00am-06pm

Friday Oct 11, 09:00am – 04:00pm

Session 1

Intro To Exponential Organizations

WS 01: Reimagine Your Business

WS 02: Time to define your new "North Star Metrics"

Session 2

How To Attract The Best Players

WS 03: Employee Engagement 1

WS 04: Employee Engagement 2

WS 05: Acknowledgement 1

WS 06: Acknowledgement 2

Session 3

Not What You Do Is Wrong.

But Maybe How You Are Doing It.

WS 07: Problem Solving 1

WS 08: Problem Solving 2

WS 09: Introduce a Complex Project 1

WS 10: Introduce a Complex Project 2

Session 4

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

WS 11: Open/Close Meetings 1

WS 12: Open/Close Meetings 2

WS 13: Decision Making 1

WS 14: Decision Making 2

WS 15: Reflection & Motivation 1

WS 16: Reflection & Motivation 2

Session 5

Disrupt Your Industry

WS 17: Act Like a Datacompany

WS 18: Creativity is a Result of a Process 

WS 19: Unintended Consequences

Session 6

Become the Best Version of Yourself

WS 20: The Skills of Social Intelligence